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Secrets of Having A Good Niche Winning Unlimited Traffic Magnet Domain Name

By Barry Sheppard

All right, so you are creating your own website and you need to pick a domain name. How to you pick a good domain name? Does it even matter what your domain name is? Will you choose a .com, .net, .org, .biz? Which one best suits you and your business?


How do other businesses choose a good domain name? Why do some domain names become so easily memorable while others just seem to not be there at all? What makes a domain name memorable?

Why Does A Good Domain Name Matter?

It is vital to your website and business to have a good domain name. Having a good domain name is just as important as your business name, logo, and possibly even more important. First you have the choice of the actual domain name, such as Yahoo, Google, or eBay, for example. Although these domain names do not seem to match the websites or businesses in any way, they work because of brand name. If you tell people to go look something up on Google they know to type in http://www.google.com or to simply type Google into their favorite search engine. People know Google is a great search engine. It has become a household name because of their choice of the domain name, and successful advertising and promotional campaigns.

Your domain name needs to match your business well. You can choose a simple name that immediately lets people know what the website will be about before they even get there, such as Wikipedia. Since it sounds like encyclopaedia, people assume it is just that before they even get to the website, and it is.

You also have the choice of creating or making up your own name.
It could be anything, and does not have to be a real word.
However, as a general online business rule, your domain name should be the same as your business name.

Sometimes it is best to search available domain names on a web hosting website so you can see what is out there that is up for the taking. Think about whether you want your website domain name to end with a .com, .net, and the other many available endings.

Secrets Of A Catchy Domain Name -

Your domain name has to be catchy. People need to be able to remember it, pronounce it and write it with ease. The shorter your domain name, the better. People will have a difficult time remembering longer domain names. Yahoo is easy to remember. It has only five letters in it. It is like yelling Yahoo! That`s why people remember it so easily.

Catchy domain names are straight forward, to the point and short. Some are humorous. Some remind people of something else.
Some are controversial. Some are just plain silly and make people laugh, but they remember it.

The more catchy your domain name is the more likely it is that you will have more website visitors because a good niche domain name will become like a magnet pulling unlimited traffic. Think carefully about what you want for your domain name before you choose it.

It`s goodbye from me

That`s it folks


About the author:

Publishing pro and author/filmmaker Barry Sheppard has written and published many books with hundreds of reviews in newspapers, TV and radio. He is now concentrating on eBook writing/publishing and starting his own television station. He is also reducing his Domain Names Collection. http://www.domainnamempire.com

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