Adult Web Hosting - A Couple Of Important Points To Consider

By Neil Day

Many people worry about getting adult web hosting for their sites but in reality it is very easy. 90% of hosting companies will quite happily host any of your adult sites so long as you stay within the laws of the country or state where the sites are hosted. If in doubt you should ask the host you have chosen if they have any objections to you posting adult material on your site. In addition to asking your host if they object to adult material there are a few basic rules you should follow that will help keep you out of trouble.

Any reputable adult web hosting company will certainly ask that firstly, to make sure that only people who are legally allowed to view your site do so, ensure that your site has a warning page. That is to say that the index page, or the first page that anyone comes to informs them that your site contains adult content and if they object they should not proceed any further. It should be clearly stated that if viewing adult material is illegal in the state or country where your visitor lives then they should not proceed to the site.

If your site or your chosen adult web hosting company is based in the United States then it is important that you comply with federal Law 18 U.S.C 2257. This states that records documenting and verifying the legal age of the models must be kept. This applies to any photographs which are deemed sexually explicit. This doesn’t just apply to photographs taken by you but for any photographs bought for display on your site. It is vital that you have copies of this documentation before you publish photographs on your site. If you purchase stock photography from a reputable company you should receive the relevant documentation along with the photographs.

One aspect of adult web hosting that many people tend to overlook is the amount of resources that a moderately successful web site will use. Most adult sites are comprised of mostly images and videos. By their very nature they use considerably more bandwidth than most normal sites which contain mostly text. It is not unusual for a new adult site to exceed its bandwidth in under a week. Care must be also be taken to ensure that people aren’t linking directly to your photographs or videos. If you use an experienced adult web hosting service they will be able to advise you how to best avoid this and maybe even be able to provide you with the appropriate tools to prevent direct linking.

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