Top 3 Reasons To Use Dedicated Server Hosting Rather Than Shared Hosting

By Daniel Burge

Choosing the type of hosting to use for your website can make or break your business. Two popular methods are using shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means that your site has a full computer dedicated to the needs of your website. Shared hosting means that your site is on the same server as hundreds or thousands of other websites. Here is why you should use a dedicated server if you can afford it:

Your site will run faster
Using a dedicated server will ensure that your website will always perform fast. This is especially important since visitors to your site will quickly leave if your site is slow. With shared hosting your site can easily become bogged down because of problems with the hundreds of other websites on the same computer.

Your site is more secure
Since there are at least hundreds of other websites on a shared server security becomes a problem. It is exponentially more probable that hackers will be attempting to breach the security of a shared server rather than a dedicated server, since the number of potential targets is so much higher.

You can survive traffic spikes
If you are actively advertising and promoting your site it is very likely that your site will experience traffic spikes at times. For instance, suppose you sent a news release about a new product or service one day. That will hopefully result in many visitors coming to your website. With a dedicated server you can be sure that your site has the capacity to perform well during a traffic spike. With shared hosting it is likely that the server is already taxed from the traffic going to other websites.

Shared hosting is generally cheap, but the risk of losing business due to poor performance, security problems, or traffic spikes is a real problem. If you have the budget it is much wiser to spend the extra money on a dedicated server.

Daniel Burge is the founder and CEO of the custom software development company Burada, Inc. Burada specializes in developing custom software for small and medium sized businesses around the globe. For more information visit

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