FrontPage Web Hosting

By Andy Eaton

FrontPage web hosting is a server plat form that has the ability to support this popular scripting software from Microsoft.

If you are keen to know about the platform that supports a FrontPage, let us make you aware of the fact that any web hosting provider that is reputable, should Be able to support Microsoft FrontPage well.

However it is always better to check out within the provider to make sure whether Microsoft FrontPage is supported by a particular web hosting service, most of the providers often list the scripting software that are supported by their hosting plans.

The list is often listed on their web sites. If you cannot find the list, there is nothing to be worried about. Your queries will be answered over a phone or email enquiry. FrontPage web hosting will often also support other support other software and tools such as ASP, ASP, NET, PHS and MYSQL data base programming.

The important thing to observe is that the hosting plat form is for Microsoft and not UNIX technologies. Plat forms will either support one or the other, but most of today’s popular competitively priced hosting packages are Microsoft oriented. But we would like to worn you again that you should always check to make sure you know what exactly you are getting the FrontPage software is quite popular with the web site builders and designers as it is quite reasonable and user friendly.

It is equipped with pre made templates for quick and easy website launching.

There are also some more complicated e-commerce templates for heavier dusty shopping.

Their dynamic software also features ASP add-ins, which provides visitors with an exciting interactive experience through new groups.

Surveys, audio/video and interactive chats, a Web creator can utilize these technologies to enhance his/ creativity and build web sites that are more user friendly and good to view.

If you are vying for the best in FrontPage web hosting, you should settle for nothing less than a Microsoft certification. This certificate authenticates the fact that the host company is a Microsoft – registered provider of FrontPage hosting platforms.

The company is also support to offer FrontPage server extensions in its hosting plans. You are also guaranteed a 30 days money back guarantee if they don’t meet or offer you the standard.

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