5 Tips To Improve Your Website’s User Experience

By NehaKhanna

Your website is the online identity of your business. Everything placed on your website will either create a good or a bad impression on the visitors. Therefore, it is important to have a professional business website that creates a good impression of your brand in the eyes of customers and visitors. The most important thing is to concentrate on creating a phenomenal user experience on your website, maintain it and improve it overtime. As a result of this, your visitors and exiting customers will keep coming back.

If you are in need of ideas for improving your website’s user experience, then have a look at the 5 tips mentioned bellow, they are easy to implement and they will work great for your website.

Improve Website Speed

Everyone loves a nice looking website that consists of fancy widgets and lots of images. If you do something like this, then your website speed will surely get affected. As the rate of information consumption is growing these days, a slow loading website can be a disaster for your business. Put your website on a diet! Compress the images used on the website, you will find many online tools for doing this. Simple minimum design that looks impressive is the new trend. Having a minimalist website helps in cutting down the data of your website and it loads faster! In this way, you will be able to enjoy an impressive user count!!

Improve Website Navigation Or Have A Search Bar

You will agree that we are living in a search engine friendly society. People like to quickly search what they want to on any website instead of manually analyzing it. In case your website comprises of a lot of content, then it is extremely important to have a search bar. Alternatively, if you do not have a lot of information or a wide range of products and services on your website, then you should focus on having a great navigation bar. You can provide all that you have to offer straight to the visitors through the navigation bar.

Make Sure That Your ‘Home’ Button Is Visible

If your content is readable and good, the visitors would surely like to explore your website further, but where should he start from? Generally, the visitor’s tendency is to go to the home page and then leave the website. A thumb rule here is that, you must make your website logo clickable, so that the visitors can go to the home page whenever they want, or you must make sure that your ‘home page’ button distinctively stands out from the rest of the menu. Keep in mind that the world today is fast paced and everyone is on need of quick information and if visitors have to spend a lot of time on your website to get what they want and then they are never going to come back again.

Simplify The Design

Content will always be the king and you will want your visitors to focus on your content. No one likes to browse a cluttered website that is full of content all round; therefore, even if you have interesting content on your website, visitors will drop out because it might not look interesting to them. Keep your website simple and eliminate the elements that do not add value to your website or the visitors. For example, having too many popup windows is a disaster! Keep banner ads to the minimum and add a subscribe button on the website for the people who want to get updates of your content.

Test Your Website

Functionality of your website will become the key of your online success. We always have the tendency to add more information, more images and more stuff to the website and no one of us thinks about testing the website. Even if you happen to test the website, it might be for the large updates. You should test the flow of the website after every update in order to know whether your website is working properly or not. Moreover, if your website is built for supporting cross platforms, then you must make sure that you are testing your website at regular time intervals.

The points mentioned above are major factors that you must consider for establishing a profitable and successful website. These tips will get you started for improving the user experience of your website and eventually you will develop more ideas to improvise your website.

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