How Linux and Magento Combine to Give you the Perfect ecommerce Platform

By resellerclub

The perfect blend of right elements facilitates an unmatched functioning of a website

Running an ecommerce website is not at all easy. To function smoothly, it requires a dynamic operating system with an equally supporting web host and platform. In such a scenario, the combination of Magento and Linux is sought after as it results in a hassle-free experience.

As an open platform, Magento offers flexibility to customize and manage the website of an ecommerce store. It utilizes the Entity Attribute Value database model in order to meet the demanding data needs of an ecommerce website environment.

Why Choose Magento?  

Magento’s cutting-edge technology facilitates user-friendly websites. Its features not only enable clutter-free working but also help in developing a tailored interface.

It provides utmost ease in managing the content, aesthetics, and functionality of an ecommerce store. It also offers marketing assistance, catalogue-management, and search engine optimization.

Magento’s highly expandable design and extensive support network, makes it popular among the users. The most important benefit is that a website running on the Magento platform can be automatically updated without disturbing its services. It lends customers a highly interactive shopping experience with its simple, quick, and versatile facilities. 

  • A Dynamic Web Host - Linux 
Linux is an open source system. Hence, the source code can be changed to suit the user`s need. The applications can be developed easily, which presents many growth opportunities. All the development tools and applications needed for Linux are available and also carry the GPL. This ‘open’ nature of Linux makes it significant for businesses.

  • Package 
Web hosting on a Linux system is easy along with VPS. It provides you full access to operate applications. The updating and customization of the website can be carried out without hampering other servers. The amount of customization also helps for safety, security, and personalization resulting in a user-friendly layout. The dedicated amount of RAM space handles heavy traffic in an organized manner.

Ideal Deal

It is important to have a clearly define your business priorities while choosing the right platform for your ecommerce website. Easy backups, large array of basic plans and simple administrative tools assure hassle-free functioning of a website. With a package comprising of Magento, Linux and VPS, it makes an ideal deal for business across all sections from ecommerce start-ups, SMEs to large enterprises.  

About the author
Hitesh Bharucha is a SEO Specialist for ResellerClub. Having his Master in Marketing Management, he has been in the digital marketing space for half a decade now. His keen interests apart from digital marketing lie in fitness and travel.

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