PHP Website Core Features: CMS and Beyond

By Fat Jack Hosting

In recent times, the PHP websites seem to draw lots of attention and why not? Where can you get such a complete content site management solution that is simple, yet fast; robust yet flexible and cross platform yet secure? Using PHP programming language, the PHP website makes it easier to maintain an interactive, community driven website.

When Rasmus Lerdorf wrote the first PHP scripts, little did he realize that PHP will become the most dominant scripting language even before the first decade of new millennium comes to an end! The language he developed as a series of Perl scripts to
spy on the viewers of his resume is today recognized by such formidable names as, Mitsubishi, Redhat, MP3, Lycos, Ericsson and NASA.

Ever since 1994, the PHP as a server side scripting language is evolving and growing as an open source code. According to an estimate, numbers of PHP supported web sites are growing at a rate of 20% per month.

The PHP web site provides a complete web site content management system solution. The client output supports XHTML 1.0 and meets the W3C`s Web Accessibility Initiative requirements.

You will not require much technical knowledge to maintain PHP
website contents:

- The interactive content feature allows your visitors to post comments or submit links. 
- The flexible layout control feature allows you to change site pages at any time. 
- Different PHP website Themes makes customized user experience possible 
- The calendar feature allows the posting to appear under categories and sub categories in a flexible cross-referenced calendar. 
- Automatic history rollover feature allows the site to organize announcements by topics and categories

If you are buying web hosting service from a service provider, you have to make sure that you have PHP website support set up in your web hosting account. Beware of those commercial web hosts who would not allow you to install PHP scripts without
their approval. Before you hire a web host, make sure the provider has already installed PHP, along with MySQl in your server.

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