Yahoo Web Site Hosting

By Jayden Smith

Well, Yahoo hosts a lot of websites. When I mean "a lot", I mean "a lot".
But as we all know, quality over quantity is the most important factor, so how good is Yahoo when it comes to hosting? Their search engine is second best on the planet, so is this the same for this hosting? 

Short answer; no. Yahoo has awesome hosting at an affordable price, also their domain names registration is one of the cheapest any where in the world. Starting at around $2 for the first year. But be warned, after the first year this price will increase to over $9 

Then again, $9 is a very small price to pay for a domain name and quality hosting. So answering the previous statement; "Is Yahoo Website Hosting as good as people say?", well I`ll have to agree with everybody else when I say it is. I`m yet to see such cheap hosting with all the same benifits that Yahoo is offering. 

Also, do not forget that Yahoo offers services to help small businesses become the next big thing. Both on the internet and offline. There is no other search engine company that does this, so you can say Yahoo is an exceptional company. 

So in conclusion, I`ve spent lots of time looking for different website hosters, to find the best at the cheapest price. But I don`t do this any more, because I don`t know need to. I simply visit one site, Yahoo; it`s my one-stop-shop for every thing and anything I could need to start my small business online. About the author: These sites are extremely useful? 

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